Counselling in Somerset & UK Online



Support for you. Long term or short-term counselling available. A supportive yet challenging space to grow and develop.



Support for your relationship. An impartial witness to help you navigate through any difficulties you might be facing together.



Structured support and guidance for your future together. A comprehensive 10 week course which you can attend in person or online.



For those who are unable to join me in person in Somerset. High quality video sessions from my YouTube studio.

About Me

My name is Laura and I care deeply about people living the best version of their lives that they can. I know, possibly more than most, that this often means visiting some darker aspects of the self, possibly places we should not venture alone! If you feel interested in doing this work for yourself, and I would highly recommend it, I would love to journey alongside you.

My Approach

My work with clients is centred on building authentic, conscious, and responsive relationships within the therapeutic setting. I bring not only my training to my work; I bring my authentic self – fully present in mind and body. I believe that it is from within this kind of deep human connection, without any kind of hierarchy, that problems can be solved or accepted, and true healing can be done.

Getting Help

Whether you are coming to counselling for the first time or you have been before and need support again, I know it can be a big step. I honestly believe however that asking for help is one of the most courageous things a person can do. Taking this leap of faith and receiving the help we need and deserve can be a truly life changing experience.











“Laura is not only an incredible counsellor but she is also an amazing human being and I am so thankful to have found her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”Charlotte
” If you’re looking for a counsellor who can truly understand you, your needs and how to help, then Laura is the person for you! I will forever be thankful for Laura and the amazing work that she does.”Sophie
“Reaching out and accessing counselling was daunting for me, but working with Laura has made the process enjoyable and comforting. I look forward to my sessions with Laura and always leave feeling heard, inspired, calmer and happier.”Lauren
“I cannot underestimate the impact Laura has had on my life, and I will be eternally grateful.”Wishes to remain anonymous
“Laura is friendly, approachable, welcoming and made me feel so at ease and comfortable to talk to her. She has completely changed my life. Thank you Laura :)”Carly
“Had couples counselling with Laura which exceeded our expectations. She guided us on the right path with warmth and empathy and we are and will be forever grateful for that experience.”Janka
“Laura is exceptional. It’s no exaggeration to say that in just a matter of months she was able to truly change my life.”Mya