Group Counselling


Listening to others talk about similar issues to your own can help you to see that you are not alone in struggling to face challenges. Whether you are suffering with panic attacks, trust issues, the breakdown of a relationship, or loneliness, just knowing you are not the only one can be a source of relief.


When you talk about yourself, group members can often see things in the way you present that you do not. Hearing from other people about how you are perceived can be very powerful. You can get a wider range of perspectives on your situation, and that can help you deal with your problems better.

I facilitate group therapy for up to five members on a weekly basis. Group sessions are an hour and a half and are held in Axbridge, Somerset. The groups are open-ended with rolling membership and are designed to focus on a variety of issues depending on what material each member brings. Joining a group may sound daunting to begin with, but groups can provide benefits that individual counselling may not.

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Groups model bonding
The bonds that people develop within groups are an important part of the therapeutic process. Developing bonds with others is an essential part of life. Working through difficulties together is bonding by nature.

Groups can inspire you to make changes
Listening to how other members successfully overcome their problems can be very encouraging.  Seeing that it is possible to work through problems builds confidence and watching other people make changes and grow can offer a positive challenge to do the same.

Groups promote social skills
Groups can give you the opportunity to practice engaging with people. By participating in a group, you can observe how others engage with one another. You can develop improved listening skills and conflict resolution by learning from others and practicing within the group yourself.

I also occasionally develop specifically designed workshops on all thing’s health related. I provide these within the group setting. If you are interested in either group therapy or a workshop, please do get in touch to discuss further.