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“My experience with Laura has been enlightening. Every session with Laura I come back learning more and more about myself and it’s refreshing. The space Laura provides I would describe as safe & full of compassion. I thoroughly enjoy our conversations and always look forward to our next session. I would recommend Laura to anyone who’s open to evolving their relationship with self! – Loads of love”

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“I have been working with Laura for the past 6 months and she has truly been exceptional. From our very first session, she made me feel at ease and comfortable to talk about my thoughts and feelings. Laura is an excellent listener, and her insights have been incredibly valuable. It can be difficult discussing certain areas of your life but Laura made me feel comfortable and has helped me view things from different perspectives and I have left the sessions thinking about things in a new light.
As a result of our sessions, I feel more confident and empowered. I highly recommend Laura, she is truly great at what she does :)”

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“I came to Laura when I was in the worst mental state I could ever imagine myself in. I had been through some awful experiences and let myself get into a hole that to be honest I couldn’t see a single way out of. I felt alone & confused and let my relationships/friendships become toxic and allowed myself to be treated in unfair ways because i was unable to even consider the importance of my own self respect and self worth. As someone that struggles with anxiety, OCD & hypersensitivity I was desperate but unable (without support) to even understand myself let alone then find a controlled balanced way to manage even day to day tasks properly. I had habits of pushing any trauma to the back of my mind and ignoring it until it overwhelmed me and i couldn’t deal with it all.

In finding Laura I found a safe, bubbly, loving and compassionate soul who believed in me more than I’d ever believed in myself. Laura is so real yet kind and calm and although the therapy was not easy and involved re living times in my life that were hard she allowed me time to then enable me to take responsibility where necessary and also find so much space for forgiveness and that set me off on a journey to find a beautiful version of myself where I gained self respect and self worth and most importantly self awareness & understanding. I stopped feeling alone and started to feel understood & valued and will always look forward to my sessions where I can come away learning even more about myself and using it every single day to have stability and sense in the crazy world we live in. I will always recommend Laura to anyone.

The struggles I came to Laura with are no longer things i have to feel alone about or unable to cope with but i still continue to have sessions with Laura and that is why she sticks out from any other counsellor I’ve come across, you do not need to have a problem to attend Laura’s sessions, she doesn’t send you on your way as soon as that problem seems fixed. Laura continues to accompany you on your journey just to better yourself and that’s a really reassuring setting to be in.

I cannot find enough words to explain the impact Laura has had on my life. She is an exceptional counsellor and a beautiful person. I will forever be so thankful for the ways she truly changed my life and bettered me as a person!”

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“I found Laura when I was in the midst of a personal crisis and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I had recently ended a toxic relationship, and my heart, head and body were in a flux of competing emotions, so strong that I could no longer process them or cope. I felt alone, unloved, worthless and confused and desperate to regain some kind of balance and control over my thoughts. On top of this, I had a lot of trauma from my early life that I had yet to fully come to terms with, and which still impacted my life severely in a number of ways, including low self-esteem, low self-worth and self-respect and a lifetime of eating disorders.

In Laura, I found a safe, loving and compassionate soul who helped me regain my sense of self. Though the therapy was not easy and involved facing up to my past as well as taking full responsibility for my own actions and direction in life, Laura remained a steadfast companion throughout. She is kind, realistic and wise, and so insightful. She has set me on a precious path of reintegration and for the first time in my adult life, I can see a realistic way forward through this messy, unpredictable existence. I stopped feeling alone and started to feel understood, valued and worthwhile. It made me realise such feelings are possible in other relationships and has made me strive to achieve those, and I’m getting better at recognising healthy and unhealthy relationships early on. 

I cannot underestimate the impact Laura has had on my life, and I will be eternally grateful.”

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“Dear Laura,

Thank you for your inspiration and support over the last few months. You have enabled me to change my life significantly for the better. I feel proud to have taken this step and I am enjoying feeling clearer in my head and having more time every day to achieve things! I loved your non-judgmental yet frank approach and how you challenged my assumptions towards alcohol.

Fondest wishes x”

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“Dear Laura,

Wow 3 years! Time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you’ve given me over the past 3 years. I know I’ve probably not been one of the easiest clients to get to know and understand fully but I appreciate your patience and kindness, even when I’ve made mistakes time and time again. You’re one of the very few people that I feel I can trust and open up to with no judgement. I still can’t beleive how quickly 3 years has gone by.

I feel like this is still the very start of being able to get to where I need to be. I know it’s a long road ahead and I hope that you’re still willing to share this journey with me because without you, I don’t know if I can do it. You’ve been the biggest support.

I’m really grateful to have you in my life, and as a therapist / counsellor you are by far the best out there – nobody compares!

Thank you so much for everything

Lots of love”

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“Laura is exceptional. It’s no exaggeration to say that in just a matter of months she was able to truly change my life. I have questioned my self worth since I was a child – up until now (at aged 23), due to events that happened when I was a baby. Laura transformed this deep rooted insecurity into a beautiful lesson on overcoming adversity. She helped me to feel brave enough to face my traumas head on and unpack them in ways that have forever altered the way I will face future challenges and setbacks. Every session I had with Laura had light bulb moments that left me feeling as though the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders. She has a true gift for empathy, and the ability to create a safe environment in which I felt compelled to open up and talk about some of my deepest troubles. As somebody who has worked with a few different counsellors over the course of 7 years, it was refreshing to finally feel understood and supported. Laura and the way she works was exactly what I had been searching for. She has the kindest heart and a passion for helping people to see things for what they really are, and for helping them understand their place in the world and the value they bring to themselves and others. I cannot recommend Laura enough, she is both an exceptional counsellor and person.”

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“Laura was our last hope as a couple. We were in such a bad place that we even fought on the way to our first session. As a couple, we found it impossible to communicate. We are a few months in and couples counselling has given us a chance. A new appreciation for each other. Laura is always extremely real, kind and supportive but what sets her aside from others is that she cares. She just understands and you feel her empathy is genuine. From our first meeting I felt something with her that I haven’t experienced with anyone in her profession before and I have seen a few. Laura came into our lives at a very difficult time but I leave our sessions with a feeling of hope, self worth, reflection and love. She makes me want to be a better human/partner. I would recommend couples counselling to EVERYONE. Even if you have a good relationship, she definitely makes you appreciate each other ❤️”

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“Laura offers a fresh view on counselling, offering comforting, judgement free insights when talking each week. Each appointment is something I look forward to knowing that I can take it in any direction I want to. It is a very safe, friendly yet professional environment which means you can fully open up and be yourself. Thank you for all your time and hard work.”

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“Working with Laura has been amazing, I felt totally lost and didn’t have any hope when I first started with her but now I can honestly say that I have been turned around. Laura is very easy to talk to and not at any point did I feel I was being judged in any way, it got to the stage where I looked forward to our sessions and enjoyed being able to talk freely about anything. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone who is struggling or just needs someone who can not only understand what their going through but can help in ways I never thought possible.”

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“Laura is personable and warming. Reaching out and accessing counselling was daunting for me, but working with Laura has made the process enjoyable and comforting. I look forward to my sessions with Laura and always leave feeling heard, inspired, calmer and happier.”

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“Had couples counselling with Laura which exceeded our expectations. She guided us on the right path with warmth and empathy and we are and will be forever grateful for that experience.
Thank you Laura”

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“I can’t recommend Laura highly enough. She questions, she listens and she understands which then enables her to help you find a way through some difficult stuff . She also challenge you, which is tough at times but it makes you dig deep to find a way forward. Laura has given me the tools to improve my self esteem and self confidence.”

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“I can not possibly express how grateful I was to find Laura and start working with her and feel no words will represent the true gratitude I feel that I did, but I will try. Laura combines professionalism with the ability to be compassionate, accommodating, sympathetic and understanding. She has the ability to tailor her services to help with individuals journeys, be informative and help individuals in having the skills to become proficient having the ability to deal with what may be challenging and difficult times. I will be forever grateful for the day I met Laura and would encourage anyone to do the same.
Thank you Laura.”

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“I will forever be grateful for the kindness, compassion, knowledge and support that I have received from Laura throughout our sessions. From once being in an extremely dark place where it was a struggle to cope with your own thoughts, in Laura’s presence I feel safe and at peace. Laura has been the light that has lead me through my darkest times, she has coached and shown me a different perspective on life, where you don’t have to let your past define you. This has been through her warm-hearted and professional approach, invaluable and exceptional knowledge, as well as her beautiful soul. I would absolutely not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Laura, my guardian angel ???? Thank you forever x”

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“Laura is an amazing counsellor that is down to earth and is passionate about her work. She has a heart of gold and has managed to help me tackle a lot of my trauma and has guided me to become more in touch with the real world and also to become more present within myself. If you’re looking for a counsellor who can truly understand you, your needs and how to help, then Laura is the person for you! I will forever be thankful for Laura and her amazing work that she does.”

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“I can’t thank laura enough for all she has done. I regret that I didn’t come to her sooner. Laura is friendly, approachable, welcoming and made me feel so at ease and comfortable to talk to her. She has completely changed my life. Thank you laura:)”

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“I met Laura during an acutely difficult time in my life and we have worked together for over a year. Laura has the ability to understand a situation with a deeply empathetic intellect. She creates a container which is safe and warm in which to divulge intimate and sometimes shameful thoughts and feelings. I feel I have regained some of my pre-motherhood sovereignty and even though we cannot stop the challenges which come to us, I am better at dealing with the waves in my newly found validation with a sense of normality. I truly will miss our sessions as always left feeling lighter, calmer and able to deal with the challenge I faced.”

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“Laura has been amazing. Her approach to counselling is refreshing, and so professional, it has helped me tremendously to focus on the right outcomes in life after experiencing a very stressful and traumatic few years. Very grateful for her support.”

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“Laura has been coaching me now for several months. I can honestly say that her therapy has helped turned my life around, and I will forever be in her debt. I no longer take prescribed medication to cope with anxiety and depression. Instead, I am learning to deal with the trials and tribulations of life by living well and being present. I could quite easily turn this review into an essay. However, my advice to anyone with the courage to be thinking about getting some help. Do it! You won’t look back :)”


“Laura is not only an incredible counsellor but she is also an amazing human being and I am so thankful to have found her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

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